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Think Excellence Leadership Academy

The goal of the Think Excellence Leadership Academy is to assist young executives as they navigate through their professional growth and inevitable career obstacles. If you are an entrepreneur looking for assistance developing your sales teams, this will help you as well without destroying your EBIT. It will also be beneficial for many mature executives that may be looking to reignite their careers without going bankrupt signing up for overpriced executive leadership courses.  

Review the curriculum below and sign up via the "Contact Michael" tab above. Live sessions will begin 11:30am est on the designated dates and run for 90 minutes in duration. Prices are very affordable. Sign up for all eight classes and receive a 10% course discount! I look forward to hearing from you!  -MC

Note - Payments can be made to the Castelli Consulting, LLC Venmo account (see link below).

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Sign up for all 8 classes and receive a 10% course discount!

Think Excellence

Leadership Academy Curriculum

Michael L. Castelli, CEO & Founder

  1. The Qualities of an Extraordinary Leader
  2. Navigating Through Your Professional Career
  3. Retaining Top Talent
  4. Being a “Mentor” vs. a “Boss”
  5. “Learning & Growth” vs. “Command & Control”
  6. Consensus vs. Confrontation / The art of “listening” vs. “hearing”
  7. Building your Personal Brand
  8. Positioning Yourself for Consistent Career Progression

Think Excellence

Curriculum Cost